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Just Between Us (2002) - Belinda Reynolds


Just Between Us (2002) - Belinda Reynolds

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for solo piano and sampler
Commissioned by Jennifer Hymer; Premiered December, 2002 - M, Germany

JUST BETWEEN US: Lies. Secrets. How people deal with lying is the focus of this work for solo piano. In 1997, I interviewed five women, of different ages and backgrounds. Of each of them I asked the following questions: ‘What is your definition of a lie?’ ‘When, if ever, is it okay to lie?’ ‘Tell me about an experience in which you either lied or were lied to.’ and ‘Do men and women lie differently?’ The tapes from these interviews became the basis for the electronic piece, Between you and me, which was commissioned in 1997 for Twisted Tutu as part of the Common Sense Composers’ Collective Fourth Annual Collaboration Project. In 2002, Jennifer Hymer of WIREWORKS commissioned an arrangement of Between You and Me for solo piano. Named JUST BETWEEN US, the fruits of this endeavor are the basis for this haunting, disturbing work

Approx. Duration: 6'30"

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