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Path (2007) - Belinda Reynolds


Path (2007) - Belinda Reynolds

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for clarinet, violin, cello and percussion
Commissioned by the Robin Cox Ensemble and Common Sense Composers' Collective;
Premiered November 2007 - Santa Barbara, CA

PATH was written in the Summer of 2007 as part of the Common Sense Composers’ Collective/Robin Cox Ensemble. The title comes from the way the opening music sets a meditative atmosphere but soon takes a different path into an energetic rush of a single line of cascading notes that take one to another poit on the path of the opening material. The process is the basis for the structure of the piece, creating a sort of pot-minimalist ‘Rondo’, a form in which you have the similar or same material return again and again juxtaposed against contrasting material in between – onn could describe it as an A B A C A D etc. form.

On a more personal level, the music reflects the mood I was in that summer. We all start down paths in life that are, for one reason or another, abruptly alterted, forcing us to take a different direction than intended. My summer was a lot like that, with deadlines, plans with my four year old, and having the summer go much faster and frenzied than I has planned! But, things did get on track, and I appreciate now the surprises the season sent me. Nevertheless, I am planning a path of laziness and rejeuvination for next summer. We’ll just have to see what path my plans actually take.

Thanks goes to Marty, Robin, Maggie, Eric L. and Eric M. For their expert musicianship and adventurous spirit in helping this piece come to life with their invaluable input. A special thanks goes to Robin, not only for his playing, but for his selflessness and vision in donating all his time and energy and skills into helping such a great undertaking of performing 8 new premieres in one show! Finlly I wish to express my undying gratitude to my husband, Dan Becker, and daughter, Eleanor, whose patience and love got me through both writing this piece and the crazy summer!

Approx. Duration: 7'

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