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SHARE (2003) - Belinda Reynolds


SHARE (2003) - Belinda Reynolds

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for alto flute and piano
Commissioned by Essential Music & Common Sense; Premiered June, 2003 - Spoleto Festival, USA

SHARE was commissioned by Essential Music and the Common Sense Composers’ Collective as part Spoleto Festival USA 2003. The work is spare and simple in nature, yet technically challenging for the players to create the ‘character’ of the piece. I modeled it after one of my favorite collection of Stravinsky’s piano pieces, “Le Cinque Doights” (Eight Pieces for Five Fingers). These seemingly easy solo works actually evoke a mood that is both fun and challenging for the player to convey. In this spirit, I wrote SHARE. It is dedicated to my great-aunt Shyron, who lived a vibrant, rich life, full of travels, family, friends, and adventures. However, it was her simple, direct nature that I admired most. She lived in the moment, always present to whomever or whatever was happening. She had no regrets, and I see her as a model for how to live rich and fulfilling life. Special thanks go to Judith Gordon and Margaret Lancaster for their invaluable help in the beginning stages of this work. I also wish to thank my friend, Esther Landau, flutist, who helped me put the finishing touches on the piece. Finally, thanks to John Kennedy and Dan Becker for helping this project come to fruition. We first discussed this ideal back in 1999, and it was through their patience and perseverance that helped it finally come to life.

Approx. Duration: 8'

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