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5 Re-Inventions (1993) by Dan Becker


5 Re-Inventions (1993) by Dan Becker

$ 45.00

for Disklavier

(no score exists for these works, which were programmed/composed directly into the computer - for performance files, please contact info@heshemusic.com) 

5 ReInventions was written to be performed on a Yamaha self-playing Disklavier, or directly from tape using a Kurzweill sampled grand sound. (The enclosed CD contains the latter).

They are tangled up and twisted ‘cover tunes’ of five of J.S. Bach’s two-part inventions.

In live performance their exists a compelling theatrical element of watching a new ‘new-fangled’ keyboard playing, by itself, pieces that were originally written for an old ‘new-fangled’ keyboard.

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